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passing time

wandering diversion
11 September 1978
ianto mood theme by cowboyhd found through halfrek because she is a good girl and credits stuff.

elouai's doll maker 3

this is the zwinky my niece made me... the first time i see it will be when it appears on my profile. *am scared* lol

Destinatin LA2

Destination:LA 2 is going to rock!

my pet!

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Jamie Holmes is love.

Geoffrey Shawcross is love.

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javier grillo-marxuach is evol love

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User Number: 5092817
Date Created:11-09-2004
Number of Posts: 148

surreality_fan is most commonly called surr. she responds to this as well if not better than her real name. she enthusiastically fangirls LOST and LOTRs. she is a dom fangirl, but by far not a squealing teeny-bopper. she is a writer and poet; however, despite much enthusiastic support of friends and family she has a hard time sharing her work with others. she is working on this. she has an overwhelming concern for nature and other people that can at times be destructive to herself.
Strengths: friendly, smart (but not necessarily intelligent), humorous
Weaknesses: flaky, prone to severe mood-swings, short, asthma, allergic to ______.
Special Skills: has studied education, communications and psychology, so she can teach your ass a thing or two about communicating your feelings.
Weapons: snarky when cornered, "the hippy surr lovefest"
loves: animals, nature, honesty, night, dom, billy

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